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PHOA Board of Directors Meeting April 29, 2014 @ 3:00pm - Grand Hall
Posted on Thursday, April 24 @ 18:49:48 (0 Reads)
Announcements AGENDA
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance

1. Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes from March 25, 2014 Board Meeting and April 17, 2014 Special Board Meeting
3. Treasurer's Report / Approval of March 2014 Financials- Julia Fromkin
4. Property Management Report - Robbie Dill
5. Projects Report - Robbie Dill

a. Paint Striper - Paul Auger
b. Stop Signs / Speed Limits - Paul Auger
c. Engineer Bids for Roads - Roberta Dill
d. Tennis Courts Repair / Replacement - Roberta Dill
e. Update on PHOA Lots & Request for Boundary Survey - Roger Sperling
f. Fitness Center Flooring and Equipment Replacement Update - Roberta Dill
g. Marketing & Promoting Committee Guided Tours & Welcome Letter - Paul Auger
h. Reserve Study Review & Approval- Julia Fromkin
i. Fitness Center Expansion - Wayne Stevenson
j. Maintenance Building Updates - Roger Sperling

a. Water Meter at Back of Community - Wayne Stevenson
b. FAQs for Architectural Review - Rosalie Slevin
c. Attorney Ellen Hirsch Dehaan Firm Change - Roberta Dill
d. Resident Request to Waive Late Fee - Roberta Dill
e. Proposal for Custom Pool Water Volleyball System - Roberta Dill

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Recycling Notice
Posted on Wednesday, April 23 @ 17:00:47 (1 Reads)
Announcements We have contracted with a new company for recycling our paper products - Land 0' Lakes Recycling of Florida.
With this change we can recycle more items. These include:
Newspapers & Magazines, Office Paper, Boxboard File Stock, Old Books (both Hard and Soft Cover), Junk Mail, Envelopes, Catalogs, and Phone Books.
The new recycle dumpsters are larger and are blue in color. They are located in the same areas.
Please refrain from putting "trash" in these containers. No plastic, metal, wood, etc. This program is for paper products only.
Thank you for your continued support of this program. Remember, the monies collected are used to support many of the fun activities we have here at Pennbrooke.
Rick Fetty
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New PHOA Board Member
Posted on Thursday, April 17 @ 14:59:56 (6 Reads)
Announcements At a special Board meeting on April 17, Gary King was elected to be a director on the PHOA Board to fill the vacant position.
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Disaster Plan
Posted on Monday, April 14 @ 17:24:25 (7 Reads)
Announcements The Security and Safety Committee created a plan for how Pennbrooke should react to a disaster, such as a hurricane. This can be viewed by clicking on 'PHOA Forms and Docs' on the Main Menu, and then on 'Disaster Plan'.
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Mail Scam
Posted on Tuesday, April 01 @ 16:30:20 (8 Reads)
News There is a new mail scam. You are told you won, sent a check, and told you have to pay a processing fee.
See ThePENN for details.
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