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Dog Owner has Stepped Forward
Posted on Wednesday, January 28 @ 14:03:16 (5 Reads)
Health The owner of the dog that bit Mr. Mc Allister came forward after hearing about the incident. She provided Mr. Mc Allister with the shot records. He will NOT have to undergo the series of rabies shots. He asked me to thank all of his fellow residents that spread the word about his situation throughout the community. Mr. Mc Allister said Pennbrooke residents are special people and I would have to agree with him! Robbie Dill
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PHOA Board of Directors Officers
Posted on Tuesday, January 20 @ 17:58:48 (5 Reads)
Announcements At the Board meeting on January 20, 2015 the Board of Director officers were chosen. They are:
President - Julia Fromkin
Secretary - Ira Makashay
Treasurer - Roger Sperling
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Annual Meeting Results
Posted on Wednesday, January 14 @ 09:42:07 (164 Reads)
Announcements Since there were five people running for five positions they were automatically elected. They are:
Ken Aicardi, Julia Fromkin, Gary King, Pat Nichols, Elmer Riggin

The vote for a sidewalk along Pennbrooke Parkway was:
Yes - 278
No - 233.
Although a majority of votes were in favor, a 2/3 majority was needed to pass this, so this did not pass.

The vote for how to do the audit was:
CPA- 448
Public Accountant: 14
Committee of Residents: 18
so the audit will be done by a CPA.
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