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Disaster Plan
Posted on Monday, April 14 @ 17:24:25 (1 Reads)
Announcements The Security and Safety Committee created a plan for how Pennbrooke should react to a disaster, such as a hurricane. This can be viewed by clicking on 'PHOA Forms and Docs' on the Main Menu, and then on 'Disaster Plan'.
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Tree Replacement
Posted on Monday, April 14 @ 13:30:37 (2 Reads)
Announcements The ligustrum trees on Countryside Boulevard are being removed because they are in poor condition. We will be putting in new trees.
We appreciate your cooperation during this project.
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Mail Scam
Posted on Tuesday, April 01 @ 16:30:20 (5 Reads)
News There is a new mail scam. You are told you won, sent a check, and told you have to pay a processing fee.
See ThePENN for details.
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Posted on Tuesday, April 01 @ 14:54:21 (12 Reads)
Announcements There is a vacancy on the Pennbrooke Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Board of Directors for one (1) director. This position will be filled for the remainder of the two year term, which will be from present up to the January 2015 Annual Membership Meeting.
Per FL Statute 720.306(9)(c) and the Pennbrooke Homeowners’ Association, Inc. By Laws, Article III, Directors, #4, the remaining Board of Directors will select an Association member to fill this vacancy.
If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for this vacancy, please submit a resume to the Resident Services Office (RSO) no later than 4:30 PM, April 14, 2014. Please plan on attending a Special Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 2PM at the Grand Hall as the position will be filled at this meeting.
Please note: To serve on the Board per FL Statute 720.306(9)(b): A person who is delinquent in the payment of any fee, fine, or other monetary obligation to the Association for more than ninety (90) days is not eligible for board membership. A person who has been convicted of any felony in this state or in a United States District or Territorial Court, or has been convicted of any offense in another jurisdiction which would be considered a felony if committed in this state, is not eligible for board membership unless such felon’s civil rights have been restored for at least five (5) years as of the date on which such person seeks election to the board. The validity of any action by the board is not affected if it is later determined that a member of the board is ineligible for board membership.
If you have any questions, please contact the PHOA administrative office at (352) 360-1001. Thank you.

DATED: April 1, 2014
By: PHOA President
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